Social media hacks to improve your mental health in 2018

Even if you can't or don't want to stop entirely, there are several ways to improve your relationship with platforms like Facebook and Instagram
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With 96% of 16-24 year olds using social networks it’s no longer sustainable to give yourself an outright ban – even if you know that constant scrolling, swiping and retweeting is affecting your mental health. If you’ve managed to take some time away from social media completely, we salute you.

However even if you can’t or don’t want to stop entirely there are several ways to improve your relationship with platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Here are a few to try on for size in the new year.


Mute words or phrases on Twitter

Since March of this year Twitter users have been able to mute words, phrases and hashtags so that they don’t come up in their timeline. Sick of Donald Trump news or alt right arseholes getting you down? Now you can turn them off. Here’s how:



Snooze friends on Facebook

There are hundreds of reasons why you might want to hit the snooze button on a friend’s status updates – perhaps you’re getting over a breakup or needing some space from someone without wanting to delete them altogether. Thankfully, Facebook now lets you do just that.

Having said that, the unfriend button is there for a reason – don’t be afraid to use it on people you literally dgaf about.









Uninstall social media mobile apps

We’ve all done it – with five minutes to waste, you’ve gone on your Instagram and scrolled around for a bit. Next time you look up it’s four hours later, your food’s gone cold, the room’s pitch black, everyone’s left and you’re feeling seriously sad that you don’t have one of the 700 cat tattoos you just looked at.

Why not uninstall social media apps from your phone? You’d be surprised how much it reduces the time spent swiping, liking and retweeting when you have to get your laptop out to do it.


Try some new mobile games or ebooks

Now you’ve uninstalled your Facebook app you’ll need something else to occupy your thumbs while you’re waiting for the bus. Why not treat yourself to some mind-numbing mobile games? You never did finish Candy Crush Saga – plus you’ll slash your data usage. Double win!









Check your privacy settings

It’s no secret that employers check Google and social media when they’re thinking about hiring someone new. If you feel nervous about who’s looking at your profiles, make a new year’s resolution to check your privacy settings on each one.


Follow Instagram hashtags

As well as muting things you don’t like to see on your social media feeds, why not replace them with uplifting or inspiring things? You can now follow hashtags on Instagram as well as people so put your favourites in and enjoy a steady stream of nature pics, cute animals, quotes and anything else you love.


Report or hide content you don’t like

Last but definitely not least, don’t ignore questionable content. If you’re unhappy about something you see on your newsfeed chances are somebody else doesn’t like it either – you can hide it from your own timeline or report it to Facebook if it violates their guidelines.


Add your suggestions for a Facebook-friendly 2018 below.


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