Meet Bridget

Bridget's the brain behind the operation. We asked her about the Verbal Remedy journey and where she wants to take us next


24-year-old English graduate Bridget Hamilton is the face of Verbal Remedy – and she’s loving every minute of watching it evolve.

When did you start Verbal Remedy, and why?

Verbal Remedy all started back in September 2013. I had just begun my third year at Newcastle University and I started a student radio show on NSR, essentially a kind of combination of the Sunday Surgery on Radio 1 and Woman’s Hour, but not just for women. We got guests on every episode, talked about everything from mental health to feminism, and it actually went down pretty well!

By the time I was getting towards graduation I had started a blog where I started to post summaries of the shows we had done. I then decided to take things one step further and start inviting people to write exclusively for it, whether they had been on the show or not. Slowly but surely, the site evolved into what you see now – and we became a limited company in March 2016.

Have you always wanted to run a company?

Sometimes I still have to kick myself and admit that Verbal Remedy is a living, breathing thing! I feel like it runs me for more than I run it – and I wouldn’t say I was born an entrepreneur or played with a little till and tax return when I was little. However, our project is something I am extremely proud of and I give it my all. I do consider myself a business owner and I think it’s really important to show people that whatever your limitations – be they money or time – you can still make something really life-changing.

What did you want to be when you were younger?

Writing has always been my passion, I think. I used to sit up at the computer and type out twenty-page stories that I would ply my friends and schoolteachers to read! Then I went on to do a degree in English Literature. Now that I look back it seems only natural that I should go on to work in writing and set up my own platform where writers can come together.

Do you have any hobbies?

When I’m not running Verbal Remedy my life is pretty predictable, to be honest! I live in a lovely little flat with my boyfriend Sam and our kitten, Scout (named after the Mockingbird variety), who has more energy at 6am than any living thing should probably have.

I love seeing my friends and family, going to the beach and kayaking, walking, finding craft markets hidden in churches, climbing to the top of castles, and sitting in pubs with open fires and lovely ciders.

Verbal Remedy publishes posts on dozens of different topics. What do you like to blog about?

I’ve been known to turn my hand to pretty much anything, but you’re most likely to find me blogging about the issues that have affected me personally such as disability, feminism and mental health.

What’s your proudest achievement outside of Verbal Remedy?

I recently completed my Masters Degree in Radio Production with Distinction which was a huge achievement for me. My thesis project was a three-part documentary on menstruation, which took nearly a year of interviewing, editing and scriptwriting but I was so proud of the result.

What’s next for team VR?

Verbal Remedy is going from strength to strength. I’m so lucky to have an incredible team of about 15 regular writers and up to ten more occasional writers who each bring something incredible to the plate every month. The future of Verbal Remedy is definitely bright if we continue to recruit amazing contributors.

Besides that, I’d like us to branch out and do more events, videos, panel discussions, make films and much more. We’ve done amazing things in the past three years but as far as I’m concerned, the only way is up!


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