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We offer workshops, blogging masterclasses, public speaking and more


Our blog reaches thousands of people every month, but some things are best said in person.

Whether you run a small community centre or a huge corporation, Verbal Remedy can provide tailored, affordable workshops or training to help promote better understanding of mental health, sexual consent, gender bias and much more.


Workshops & Events


We fully support the #SRENow campaign calling for all UK schoolchildren to receive the sex and relationships education they deserve. That’s why we spend the majority of our time delivering workshops around sexual consent and sex positivity.

Lots of schools want to give their students a well-rounded, ‘real life’ education but struggle to find the time to train their teachers or find appropriate resources. Our workshops are a great way to deliver this without as much stress and hassle – and whereas talking about consent isn’t every teacher’s dream scenario, awkward groups and tricky questions are our bread and butter.


Workshops we provide

  • Sexual consent and sex positivity
  • Puberty and menstruation (these are not gender-segregated)
  • Mental health
  • Feminism
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Blogging masterclasses for media or journalism students

Any workshop can be tailored for younger pupils (KS3), University students or those with special educational needs.


I felt that you were very easy to work with and the session was energetic and well planned. The whole session has highlighted to me how much of a problem this is and how there is a real need to challenge thinking and empower young people.

Marie Jobson, Head of Sixth Form at Churchill Community College, Wallsend

Public Speaking

A social enterprise is only as good as its team, and when it comes to spreading the Verbal Remedy message, nobody does it better than our founder Bridget Hamilton.

As well as creating Verbal Remedy, Newcastle University graduate Bridget has written and produced media for the Independent, Huffington Post and the BBC. Whether it’s periods or politics, her no-filter attitude makes her a down-to-earth and engaging guest for panel discussions, keynote speeches, events hosting and more.

“Making difficult topics easier to speak about is a personal as well as professional goal for me. I love getting the opportunity to change somebody’s perception in an honest and non-judgemental way.”


Previous appearances

Inspiring Women Conference 2016: Chair, Panel Discussion
Newcastle University, 2016: ‘Seeing Red: what I’ve learnt about menstruation’
Mind the Gap Conference 2016: Keynote Speaker, ‘Are Millennials miserable, or is it just me?’
Inspiring Women Conference 2015: Chair, Panel Discussion
Newcastle University, 2015: ‘Bossy or Brilliant? Celebrating women who speak up’



Bridget and our other keynote speaker consistently came up as the highlight of the day in feedback forms. She was a joy to work with, delivering a thought-provoking talk on the specificities of mental health with relation to the millennial generation; this was well prepared and exciting to listen to. An intelligent, thoughtful, and exciting person to have as a guest.

Andrew Lister, President of Mind the Gap Society