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We’re a blogging, petition-signing community project from Newcastle upon Tyne set up to destroy the stigma around tough issues. From sex to mental health, drugs to feminism, we’ve got it covered, and you can get in on the action by writing or volunteering with us too.


Feminism, Human Rights, Women

Mission Abort: the Edinburgh Fringe play tackling abortion stigma

By Reviews Team

Mental Health, Pondering

Ever felt like you weren’t good enough?

By Content Team

Health & Exercise

Forget ‘fit’ – there are far more important reasons to exercise

By Content Team

Film & TV, Sexism, Women

13 things set to change now that the Doctor’s a woman

By Content Team

Class, Politics, Social Issues

Don’t just blame the right for radicalisation. The left has more work to do

By Content Team

Disability, Health & Exercise, Mental Health

Mind over Matter: we tackle Newcastle’s Climbing Wall

By Content Team

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