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We’re a blogging, petition-signing community project¬†from Newcastle upon Tyne set up to destroy the stigma around tough issues. From sex to mental health, drugs to feminism, we’ve got it covered, and you can get in on the action by writing or volunteering with us too.


Features, Human Rights, Race, Social Issues

Does removing statues rewrite history?

By Summer Jasmin Oxlade

Gender, Lifestyle, Social Issues

Dawn French thinks young women shouldn’t have fun. Well we’ve got news for her

By Content Team

Human Rights, Lifestyle, Social Issues

Money matters: using your cash as a form of protest

By Content Team

Class, Education, Social Issues

Hetty is the new Becky: the problem with modern-day British rich kids

By Content Team

Rape, Relationships, Sex

Coerced consent, and how it can fuck up your sex life

By Content Team

Feminism, Health & Exercise, Race, Social Issues

Being vegan is a feminist act – but not on its own

By Bridget Hamilton

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