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We’re a blogging, petition-signing community project¬†from Newcastle upon Tyne set up to destroy the stigma around tough issues. From sex to mental health, drugs to feminism, we’ve got it covered, and you can get in on the action by writing or volunteering with us too.


Disability, Employment, Human Rights

I’m done talking about disability. Now you need to listen

By Errol Kerr

Employment, Politics, Social Issues, Women

Move over Google: We all know a James Damore

By Content Team

Features, Feminism, Film & TV, Gender

‘Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’: Gaming’s first South Asian protagonist

By Haaris Qureshi

Mental Health, Relationships, Sex

It’s not you, it really is me: how mental illness changes the dating game

By Content Team

Books, Lifestyle, Relationships

How writing helped me to survive my divorce

By Content Team

Feminism, Film & TV, Gender, Reviews

Questions I have after watching ‘The Red Pill’

By Bridget Hamilton

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