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We’re a blogging, petition-signing community project from Newcastle upon Tyne set up to destroy the stigma around tough issues. From sex to mental health, drugs to feminism, we’ve got it covered, and you can get in on the action by writing or volunteering with us too.


Books, Feminism, Reviews, Women

Book Review: Jo Cox, More in Common ★★★★★

By Bridget Hamilton

Body Image, Feminism, Health & Exercise

Pole fitness: the antidote to our messed-up beauty standards

By Content Team

Disability, Health & Exercise, Lifestyle

The Progress of Paralympic Sport

By Emily Watton

Politics, Social Issues, Women

Northern Irish Abortion Ruling: Only If You Can Afford It

By Content Team

Disability, Gender

Stop putting gender neutral labels on disabled bathrooms

By Errol Kerr

Mental Health, Social Issues

There is nothing linear about recovery – especially from an eating disorder

By Content Team

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