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We’re a blogging, petition-signing community project from Newcastle upon Tyne set up to destroy the stigma around tough issues. From sex to mental health, drugs to feminism, we’ve got it covered, and you can get in on the action by writing or volunteering with us too.


Health & Exercise, Mental Health, Social Issues, Women

Deadlines and depression: My struggles with mental health at University

By Content Team

Film & TV, LGBT*

Asexuality in the media

By Content Team

Consent, Feminism, Sex, Women

Sh! Women’s Store: The Feminist Sex Shop

By Content Team

Education, Sex, Students

“I try a mix of humour and deadly seriousness”: an interview with a sex education teacher

By Content Team

Health & Exercise, Sex

How to enjoy sex when it always gives you cystitis

By Bridget Hamilton

Education, Relationships, Sex

We have to start talking about sex – and then keep talking

By Content Team

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